An in-depth look into the effects of COVID on Cambodia, offering a review and look forward on society, public health, and economy.

COVID-19 steered the world into uncharted waters, with every country fighting its own unique battles and Cambodia was no exception.

As the pandemic continues to unfold, we’re all left wondering, “What next?”, so let’s plunge into the effects on this nation during that year, as well as possible scenarios and forecasts.

Effects of COVID

Public Health Impact

Amidst global health catastrophes, how did Cambodia fare? The pandemic accelerated the country’s healthcare infrastructure development.

With the support of international organizations, the public health system enhanced its capabilities, focusing on early detection of diseases, efficient management of healthcare resources, and emphasis on mental health services.

The domestic healthcare system wasn’t entirely prepared for a crisis of this magnitude – as evident by the stretched, if not overwhelmed, healthcare resources at large.

With the imposing threat of newer variants, there is a growing need to recalibrate healthcare machinery and preventive protocols.

Doesn’t this signify a potential paradigm shift for public health in the country? Absolutely.

The country’s health infrastructure could transform significantly, asserting a greater focus on medical research, healthcare personnel training, and advanced medical facilities.

Implemented Changes

  1. Telehealth – COVID spurred the adoption of telemedicine. So, by 2023, remote patient monitoring and virtual consultations were the norm, making healthcare more accessible to the rural population.
  2. Pandemic-Proof Health Preservation – Investment into medical infrastructure skyrocketed, helping the country become more prepared for any future health emergencies.

Economic Consequences

Were the repercussions of the pandemic solely negative?

Not entirely.

The impact on the Cambodian economy saw a mix of challenges and opportunities presented during this period.

Undeniably, the economy took a hit and the tourism industry, a significant contributor, practically ground to a halt due to travel restrictions.

This severe blow left thousands unemployed, exacerbating the poverty rates and fundamentally tested Cambodia’s economic resilience.

The nation’s economic pillars – tourism, garment manufacturing, and construction – all have harshly felt the pandemic aftershocks.

However, it wasn’t all gloom and doom with the advent of the “new normal,” Cambodia witnessed a digital transformation.

E-commerce and digital payment platforms thrived, providing an excellent platform for local businesses to reach wider audiences.

As was the case worldwide, “Going Digital” became the mantra, propelling internet penetration across the country.

Educational institutions adapted to online learning models, and people generally were forced to become more proficient on digital platforms.

The garment industry, Cambodia’s main export, also started to recover by mid-2023 due to increasing global demand.

However, for a full revival, economists predict a slow yet stable recovery with focused strategies and sustainable solutions, contingent on broad global economic recovery and, in particular, China’s.

Societal Adjustments

Can a pandemic challenge the societal fabric? Absolutely, and Cambodia was no different which was disrupted by the pandemic, with escalations in poverty and inequality.

So, what will the future bring about change, then? With the right policies, it is possible to rebuild a resilient and inclusive society.

However, persistent efforts in poverty alleviation, education access, and maintaining social order are integral to this vision’s success.

In retrospect, the effects have emphasized the resilience of the Khmer people and, despite adversities, they found ways to survive and adapt, a testament to their spirit and fortitude.


Staring at the mirror, it has been a bittersweet journey, as with every crisis comes an opportunity. COVID expediting transformation in public health, economy, and society is a silver lining amid the hardships.

So, what’s next?

Only time can write this captivating tale of the ongoing effects that are likely to echo across various sectors – from the economy to healthcare to the social sphere.

While difficult to predict exact outcomes, the possibilities explored above offer opportunities as the Khmer nation rebuilds and embraces a rejuvenated future with proven resilience and unity.

After all, as the age-old idiom goes, “after a storm, comes calm”.


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