Phnom Penh, the capital city of Cambodia, offers a diverse and improving healthcare system for residents and expatriates.

In this article, we will explore the healthcare options available in this growing city, including hospitals, clinics, and the overall quality of care.

Phnom Penh has experienced significant improvements in its infrastructure over the years and there are now public and private hospitals providing a range of medical services, from general consultations to specialized treatments.

Many private hospitals are known for their modern facilities and international standards, with state-of-the-art medical technology and staffed by highly qualified doctors and medical professionals.

Additionally, several international clinics in the city cater specifically to expatriates and tourists. These clinics offer a range of services, including primary care, vaccinations, dental care, and specialist consultations.

Some of these clinics even have affiliations with international networks, ensuring that patients have access to a wide network of medical professionals and specialists.

While the private sector is well-developed, it’s important to note that the public system is still in the process of improvement.

Public hospitals and clinics, such as Khmer-Soviet Friendship Hospital and Preah Kossamak Hospital, provide affordable services to the local population, however, they may have limited resources and longer waiting times.

Expatriates and those seeking more specialized care often prefer private healthcare facilities for their quicker access and higher level of service.

Medication and pharmaceuticals are readily available with numerous pharmacies throughout the city where you can purchase both prescription and over-the-counter medications.

However, it’s advisable to consult with a doctor and obtain a prescription before buying any medication.

When it comes to health insurance, it’s highly recommended for expatriates to have comprehensive health insurance coverage.

This is especially important for those who require specialized or emergency medical care.

Several international insurance providers offer coverage for expatriates in Cambodia, giving you peace of mind and financial protection in case of any health-related emergencies.

In addition to the formal healthcare system, traditional Cambodian medicine is also prevalent in Phnom Penh.

Traditional healers, known as Kru Khmer, utilize herbs, massages, and other traditional practices to treat ailments and many locals still consult them for certain health issues, alongside seeking modern medical care.

However, it’s important to consult with a qualified medical professional for serious or chronic health conditions.

Overall, while the healthcare system is improving, it’s still essential for expatriates to have health insurance coverage and seek medical care from reputable private hospitals or clinics.

The quality of healthcare in this town is steadily increasing, with access to modern facilities, qualified medical professionals, and a range of services.

With the right precautions and proper healthcare resources, residents and visitors alike can receive quality medical care and maintain their health and well-being.


Here are some of the best healthcare providers in Phnom Penh:

Calmette Hospital

Managed by Ministry of Health and funded by the Cambodian and French governments, it offers free charge of healthcare for locals unable to pay.

It provides the most comprehensive clinical services and advanced technologies. Foreigners tourists are advised to go with a local to negotiate treatment and fees.

Address: No.3, Monivong Bvld, Sangkat Sras Chok, Khan Daun Penh, Phnom Penh.
Telephone: +855 23 426 948


Khmer Soviet Friendship Hospital

Known locally as Russian Hospital, this 500-bed hospital was opened with the funding from the former Soviet Union and is managed by the Ministry of Health.
Address: Yothapol Khemarak Phomin (St. 271), Phnom Penh.
Telephone: +855 23 217 524; +855 23 217 764


Royal Phnom Penh Hospital (RPPH)

Royal Phnom Penh Hospital is managed and operated by Bangkok Dusit Medical Services Public Co.

Being considered as one of the top hospitals in Cambodia, RPPH has team of local and foreign medical experts from Thailand, Cambodia, the United States and France.

With convenient location, innovative technology, international standards, it’s no doubt that the service rates in this hotel are fairly pricey.

Address: No. 888, Russian Confederation Blvd. Sangkat Toeuk Thla, Khan Sen Sok
Telephone: +855 23 991 000;  +855 12 991 000


Sen Sok International University Hospital

A less expensive option than RPPH that expats also trust, it describes itself as up to international standards and is run by the skilled and well-experienced physicians and surgeons. Expats and foreigners are charged double than Cambodians in this hospital.

Address: Building 91-96, Street 1986, Sangkat Phnom Penh Thmei, Khan Sen Sok
Telephone: +855 70 888 251; +855 23 883 712/13


Raffles Medical Phnom Penh

This Singaporean hospital, Raffles is the trustworthy address for many with comprehensive international standards of medical services. The staff consists of well qualified doctors and nurses from the Netherlands, Japan local staff who have trained overseas.

Personnel can speak fluent English, Japanese and Chinese.

It also provides home visits for expats, residents and tourists in the event of a medical emergency.

Address: #161, Street 51 (Pasteur), Sangkat Boeung Raing, Khan Daun Penh 12211
Telephone: +855 23 216 911


Sunrise Japan Hospital Phnom Penh

Sunrise Japan Hospital was established under the collaboration of three Japanese companies. It is operated by a team of Japanese doctors, nurses, and medical professionals.

Besides offering proper medical treatments, this Japanese-run organization provides hands-on training courses for Cambodian medical students and free health check-ups for financially vulnerable Cambodians.

Address: #177E, Kola Loum Street (the Bay Road), Group 2, Phum 2, Sangkat Chroy Changvar
Telephone: +855 23 260 152; +855 78 260 152


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