Boeung Keng Kang 3 (more commonly known as BKK3 by locals and foreigners) in the central Phnom Penh is a wise choice if you are looking to rent or buy a property, with cheaper prices and good quality amenities.

Due to the lower rents, many expats choose to live here as BKK 3 offers good value for money.

It is becoming an increasingly popular area for foreigners and businesspeople to both purchase or rent real estate.

There are tons of businesses located near residential areas with schools and medical facilities within reach.

Because the offerings are a combination of expat living and local Khmer lifestyle, you can get the best of both worlds.

The area is considered to be one of the most sought-after areas as it sits close to Monivong Boulevard and BKK 1, one of the most prestigious districts of the city.

BKK3 has modern and newer flats and villas, as well as the older and more traditional Khmer style flats.

More recently a transformation has started with more luxury residences and real estate projects.

Nightlife is not as popular here compared to other areas of the city, but there are plenty of BBQs, cafes and buffet restaurants to suit most tastes.

In any case, access to Riverside and Russian Market are a quick tuk-tuk journey away and the area is quiet for you to relax and enjoy.

Phnom Penh – Pearl of Asia

Phnom Penh, an emerging city of southeast Asia once dubbed the “Pearl of Asia”, is the capital of the Kingdom of Cambodia.

It is situated where the grand rivers Mekong, Bassac, and Tonle Sap all converge providing a magnificent backdrop as the sun rises and sets.

The city is split into three distinct areas that look and feel very different:

  • The north is a lovely residential neighborhood with wide streets and large villas easily accessed from the city centre
  • The south, or French sector of the city, with its historic government buildings, banks, and colonial homes
  • The center, or the heart, with its winding streets, markets, shops and eateries.

The city has seen enormous development over the past few years; enterprises are continuously sprouting up, and tourism is once more booming.

In order to further encourage investment, Cambodia has one of the most lenient investment regulations.

As a result, the country has managed to maintain its beauty and character, as evidenced by its people, who are usually smiling, its vast boulevards, ancient colonial buildings, parks, and green areas. MORE


Central BKK 1

Boeung Keng Kang (BKK) 1 bordered by Sihanouk, Norodom, Mao Tse Tung and Monivong Boulevards is a popular area.

It is the centre of Phnom Penh for its banks, hotels, restaurants, shops and bars. It is the place for business deals and seen as the ‘foreign capital’ for its cosmopolitan nature.

Here you will find the embassies of Switzerland, Bulgaria, Brunei and Sweden and various NGOs and international companies.

It also has many schools offering world class education.

BKK 1 is pricey, but attractive for business on streets 278, 282, 63 and 51. Apartments and hotels are in the mid to upper range due to location and quality.

The market is located offers a range of goods including fresh food, clothes, jewelry, money exchanges and household goods.

Augmenting the market is a wide selection of international F + B options including coffee shops and bakeries.

After dark the streets are alive with bars, clubs, hotel rooftops and restaurants open for punters.

Things are pricier but you won’t want for much more, but this neighborhood has pretty much everything!

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