Unbeatable prestige location 2000sqm land for sale near Independence Monument



  • Close to embassies
  • Development potential
  • Good ROI
  • hard title
  • Near CBD
  • Near Independence Monument
  • Street presence


Exclusive location commercial property with exceptional street frontage on Norodom Boulevard near Independence Monument is now available for sale in central Phnom Penh.

Currently, largely vacant land, this property is ripe for development, perfect for a high-end business in one of the most prominent locations in the city.

With good access from Norodom Boulevard, there is plenty of scope for any business function – bank headquarters, retail showrooms, medical centre, hotel.

The asking price is negotiable, and the property is a combination of 2 hard titles.

Location: Norodom Boulevard
Size: 2000sqm
Title: Hard
Buildings: 1
Parking: ++


  • Central Phnom Penh
  • Close to BKK 1 & embassies
  • Incredible visibility
  • Several banks nearby
  • Main road frontage
  • Regular shaped block
  • Land: 35m x 58m (approx.)
  • East-West orientation

Original ID: TLB.A2


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Upmarket BKK 1:

Boeung Keng Kang (BKK) 1 bordered by Sihanouk, Norodom, Mao Tse Tung and Monivong Boulevards is a popular area.

Being the centre of Phnom Penh with its banks, hotels, restaurants, shops and bars, BKK is seen as the place for business deals and considered the ‘foreign capital’ for its cosmopolitan nature.

Here are the embassies of Switzerland, Bulgaria, Brunei and Sweden and various NGOs and international companies. BKK also has many schools offering world class education.

It may be pricey, but this area is attractive for all sorts of businesses on streets 278, 282, 63 and 51.

Apartments and hotels are in the mid to upper range due to location and quality.

The local market is located offers a range of goods including fresh food, clothes, jewelry, money exchanges and household goods.

Surrounding the market is a wide selection of international F + B options including coffee shops and bakeries.

After dark the streets are alive with bars, clubs, hotel rooftops and restaurants open for punters.

Things are pricier but you won’t want for much more.

BKK has pretty much everything.


Major retail to dominate city by 2025

According to a recent report, major retail spaces in the city of Phnom Penh are expected to dominate, growing to just under 1M sqm by 2025 across 62 shopping destinations.

This phenomenon is driven by the now global expectation of the youth generation (Gen Z and Millennials).

Quite simply, they want more and better shopping. They also want a wide range of entertainment options under one safe and comfortable air-conditioned roof.

They differ from previous generations in that they consider the journey to be as important as the destination.

If not, more.



Is the property market healthy enough?

Despite claims the Cambodia property market is not healthy enough in 2022 to compete globally, there is evidence this is not the case.

The sector has ridden a massive wave of direct foreign investment, mostly from China, with no foreseeable limit, despite COVID-19.



Good guide to investing

Here is a good guide to investing in Cambodia that should steer you away from total financial disaster.

The real estate market in Cambodia is extremely varied, more so than most countries, which can make investing either a smooth journey or a rocky one. READ MORE


Innovative Cambodia my 2nd home program

Cambodia my 2nd home (CM2H) is an innovative initiative recently launched by KHCA (Khmer Home Charity Association) in association with the Ministry of Interior (MOI).

Its aim is to help foreign nationals enjoy a series of measures to facilitate living and business in Cambodia.

Benefits for participants in the Cambodia my 2nd home program include – a 10-year unlimited entry / exit visa.

After 5 years, they are eligible to apply for a Cambodian passport and enjoy the advantages of the ASEAN network.


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