Since 2019, non-Khmers must register in the FPCS (Foreigners Present in Cambodia System) by property owners / managers, responsible for uploading information to the Immigration Department otherwise, visas will not be extended.

If you do not have access to the app, or have difficulty uploading, you can register at a local police station, which must be done within 24 hours of moving into a new abode.

The General Dept of Immigration (GDI) launched this system designed to capture all expat and tourist information regarding their stay in Cambodia.

It will record information on arrival in at any entry point as well as when they leave Cambodia.

The stated purpose of the system is to protect them in an emergency during their stay in Cambodia.

To register on FPCS, there are 6 steps:

  1. Create account (using phone number and password)
  2. Upload passport copy and verify information
  3. Enter valid phone number and password, then verify info
  4. Add accommodation info and verify

Given landlords are responsible for registering in the system, you are urged you to contact him/her and provide the information needed and continue to cooperate as best you can to ensure you are registered.

Be proactive and don’t assume it will be done. There are legal consequences if not done.

According to the GDI announcement: “… we advise that you check with your landlord to confirm that they have registered you on the app.

If you do not have a landlord, then you should register yourself on the app”.

App for iPhone and iPad

App for Android

General Dept of Immigration

For more on FPCS App

Abridged article (21/07/2020) ‘App logs 160,000 foreigners’:

“… Minister of Interior Sar Kheng praised the government for its efforts in managing and monitoring immigration, saying more than 160,000 people from 183 countries have registered on the app since mid-2019.

Sar Kheng said despite criticism, the government has managed well. He said the current government has better managed foreigners since the interior ministry established the GDI.

According to a ministry announcement, from July 1 onward, those not registered would not be granted visa extensions. The announcement sent many rushing to register on the app.

“The data shows that there are about 110,000 non-Khmers currently in Cambodia. Foreigners who recently applied for visa extensions have registered their presence.”

FPCS can be used on phones, iPads and computers and there’s no need to enter data line by line. Scanner technology within the app can retrieve information from passports quickly.

Using the system allows authorities to monitor how many foreigners are currently in the country and how many enter and leave each day….”.

Guide to investing in Cambodia

Here is a good guide to investing in Cambodia that should steer you away from financial disaster.

The real estate market in Cambodia is extremely varied, more so than most countries, which can make investing either a smooth journey or a rocky one.

What separates a successful from unsuccessful investor is not pure luck, as many think, but the ability to recognise and avoid mistakes.

Investing in Cambodia is no different, so here are some things to consider before you part with your hard-earned cash.

Do your own research

Having a deep wallet may help you in the short term.

However, knowing where the market is now and where it is likely to go is part of a long-term strategy that will prove beneficial.

This is best attained by being aware of and finding more information on upcoming projects short term gains may be made.

Knowledge of the real time investment climate will more likely provide better long-term options for you.

Large upcoming infrastructure projects – roads, rail, bridges, shopping centres, subdivisions – generally nudge property values and attract businesses that will generate better investment options.

It is wise to undertake a feasibility study of your own, supported with information gleaned from professionals with a finger on the foreign investment in Cambodia pulse.


To stay in Cambodia, non-Khmers must register in FPCS
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