If you’re seeking a high value property in Cambodia, like any investment, you’ll need to consider what the future landscape is likely to be by assessing which assets will prove more valuable in time and which won’t.

You will need to do your own research and not rely on only one source of truth.

Ask lots of questions and not make decisions on a whim which means the process of investing can a lengthy one, taking weeks or months, not days.

Unlike stocks and shares, property tends to only appreciate over time given land is a finite resource and that it is usually the last commodity to be bent by the winds and tides of bear and bull markets.

One successful strategy to employ is the well-known “buy low, sell high”, which is not bulletproof as no one really knows where the lowest low or highest high is.

However, if you know the market and can recognise and read patterns, you will have a fair idea as to what a good price is, whether it be low or high.

Secondly, to be able to predict the broader fiscal, physical, social and regulatory environment is a highly valuable skill.

Knowing what government projects are coming online (such as road, rail or bridge infrastructure) will help predict potential.

Similarly, changes in behaviours (such as increased car ownership, physical activity trends or demand for non-seasonal food) will have impacts on parking needs, green spaces and cold storage for example.

These factors, combined with broader economic indicators will help you focus on locations and types of properties likely to be in high demand in the future.

Noting this, however, there are some properties (houses, commercial projects, and land) that grow in value faster and stronger than others.

To make it easier for you, we’ve identified some properties in Cambodia that set to surge in value and provided some rationale as to why.

There are various projects in Phnom Penh worth knowing about, such as The Commune (Tuol Kork), The Palms (Chbar Ampov), and Urban Village (Chak Angrae), all of which are in high-growth areas close to the city centre.

All are near large shopping precincts, have large infrastructure projects completed or underway (airports, shopping centres, road overpasses and bridges) and are changing Phnom Penh’s appearance and behaviour.

However, here are some not well-known, but offer potentially far greater returns.

Phnom Penh – high value riverfront property

Waterfront properties are highly prized investment options since they are limited by their very nature; there just isn’t as much riverfront property as non-riverfront property!

This 3015sqm property in Chroy Changvar is now on the market for a handsome $1,700/sqm.

It is a gated community of 4 buildings, housing offices and apartments, located near Bayon Market, schools, Norton University, Japanese Sunrise Hospital and only 2 km from Chroy Changvar bridge.

We expect huge demand in the surrounding area in the next few years which will put pressure on property prices like this one.

Riverfront property in Chroy Changvar at $1700/sqm


We do have another superb large riverfront property in Prek Leap that is being sold off-market.

Please contact us for more details.


Another good option is this unique and undeveloped Aem Beach 0.75-hectare land parcel with 100m Mekong River frontage near Areyksat.

It is a unique battle axe (T) block that could be retained as one large single block or subdivided and sold off developed or not.

Because of the property’s uniqueness of size and shape, it has a quality with good potential for those looking for ‘something different’.

It currently has direct (paved) sub-road access and is 5 minutes to the main road to Prey Veng and ferry ports to Phnom Penh City.

With the proposed bridge, amenities will be improved in time and travel times shortened considerably.

Possible Apartment or Office building – Aem Beach, Kandal Province


The following property is for seasoned investors, given it is priced around the $4M mark. It is located on one of the main trunk routes through Phnom Penh, has main road frontage as well as river frontage.

Combined, this makes it a highly desirable property for a developer looking to build an office building, condo, hotel or mixed-use project.

However, at $4500/sqm, this is well under market and remains a mystery as to why it is still available.

Considering it’s rare to find large inner city blocks still available given the number of commercial developments underway, this is ideal land to invest in!

Land for sale Tonle Bassac Central Phnom Pen


Kampong Speu, Pailin and Bavet – high value, under market property

Also around the $4M mark is this unique 97 hectare property in Kampong Speu, only 125km from Phnom Penh.

Being fully developed as a resort, with plenty of surrounding land to use, this investment is beckoning at $4/sqm!


Also under market but located just outside the border towns of Pailin and Bavet are these two gems.

The first is a 56-hectare cultivated farm that is already generating $100,000 p.a. in contract sales with good irrigation and vehicular access.

At $5/sqm (50% of surrounding land prices), it shouldn’t be on the market long.

The second is a 17-hectare 100% organic mango farm with direct access to National Road 1.

This battle axe block is ripe for development and at $20/sqm you will be hard pressed to do better.

17 hectare organic farm land for sale, Bavet


Kampot – prime land with a large villa

These two properties are both priced well, situated in highly desirable locations and are ready to move into or rented out.

The first is an architect designed villa with sweeping green lawns on 0.5 hectares with river frontage with vistas of Kampot River and Mount Bokor and only 2km from the centre of town.

Beautifully hand crafted spiral staircase with local hardwoods

The second is also a beautifully fashioned villa on 0.3 hectares with an in-ground swimming pool near Kep beach.

It is set back from the highway and approached via a sedate, cobbled driveway.

Kep villa with swimming pool for sale


Located in a hilly part of Kep with magnificent views is this stunning 4 hectare resort with views over the Bay of Thailand.

Being in a dedicated ecotourism precinct, it has tremendous potential and is 2km from the Black Cat, near Kep Jetty and Wat Samathi Pagoda and the nearest airport is in Sihanoukville, only 90km away.

Boutique Kep resort with 4 hectares and views over the Bay of Thailand


Siem Reap high yield properties

Last, but not least, is the fabulous city of Siem Reap. Being almost 100% reliant on tourism, the Covid pandemic almost wiped out Siem Reap.

But it has bounced back and numerous projects are underway that will force the base market price across the board.

A new city has been proposed to be established in the Sotr Nikum district (‘Grand Siem Reap’).

Similar to Paris, it will be located away from the current city centre and predominantly house high-rise and modern commercial projects.

A prime investment choice is either in an inner-city location or near a golf course which connotes opulence tends to draw higher prices than others.

One superb property sits next to the Angkor Golf Course in Sambour; a new 4-bedroom luxury villa with private pool, cathedral ceilings, large garden and rooftop cinema!

Luxury 4 bedroom villa for sale Sambour central Siem Reap


The other is a recently renovated commercial/residential villa surrounded by a lush garden replete with private swimming pool in the cool neighbourhood of Wat Damnak.

Sensational fully renovated commercial residential villa for sale Siem Reap


More commercial and residential projects are forthcoming in and around these areas, making them ideal real estate investments, likely to appreciate higher than most in the long term.


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