CAMBIZIAN is an experienced business consultancy based in Phnom Penh able to simplify your business.

It has helped facilitate legal and business-related issues for countless companies since 2013.

Service is excellent services, fees are reasonable fees and the office a comfortable environment.

The company has cutting-edge information, business and legal concepts, in a friendly environment in a timely manner.

Services include new business registration, notification of company’s information amendment, application for VAT and Business Patent, work permit requests, applications for business-related licenses, accounting and taxation (monthly and year-end), as well as applications for land titles, logistics and tourism.

To date, Cambizian has provided services to more than 200 companies in 90 industries including 300 legal cases for small and large businesses.

Cambizian has provided consultation services to:

The Cambizian team comes from a wide range of industries.

Each member is passionately committed to providing the best service to all.

They aim to be the focal point for all businesses and investors.

All staff are easy to talk to, reliable, truthful and welcoming.

Their mission is to provide high standards and develop trust and confidence with all clients.

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