Meet the super stars at Abode Real Estate active since 2020

This is a little bit about the agents at Abode Real Estate (Cambodia), founded in December 2020 and rebranded from Freer Properties.

We procure properties directly with fresh listings to guarantee clients maximum market reach.

At Abode, we offer quality residential (apartments, villas, condos, flat-houses) or commercial properties/businesses for sale and lease in Cambodia.

Our listings cover Phnom Penh and other locations around the Kingdom.

However, if you don’t see it, it doesn’t mean we don’t have it!

So, contact us by phone, Facebook, email or other social media if you’re looking for a particular property or location.

We are here to help you and are never too far away.

+885 17 400 700 (English) / +855 17 400 100 (English & Khmer)

Email: / /



Paul Ellender

Paul holds an Architectural degree from London and brings a combined 13 years of property, business improvement, communication and construction experience:

“… I am proud to work in this company in the emerging Cambodia market and intend to make us well known as the # 1 choice for buyers, sellers and renters alike.

In the time I have been in Cambodia, I have learned a lot about the changing property market in Cambodia.

I pride myself on ensuring every listing is presented well and information is accurate and available.

I believe communication is as important as information and work hard to meet the needs of each client as best I can”. /

+855 (0)17 400 700

Poleak Nget

Poleak Nget

Poleak is a co-founder of Abode and she has proven to be an exemplary professional with existing (and growing) property consultancy experience.

She has worked in sales and leasing with demonstrated success in customer relationship management for over 5 years in the Phnom Penh real estate industry.

 +855 (0) 17 400 100


Abode Real Estate and our focus on quality since 2020

An abode is a place of residence, a house, a home and we at Abode Real Estate want to find you a real home in Cambodia, Phnom Penh and beyond.

We established our boutique agency in 2020 with a specific focus on providing quality homes to rent and buy/sell.

Our values remain – quality, honesty and integrity – and our logo represents Modernity, Precision and Warmth

abode /əˈbəʊd/ noun 

abode: a place of residence, a house, a home

With growing numbers of agencies, what is our strategy to compete?

We know that cannot compete with the international agencies yet, but we do watch our peers keenly.

Apart from our core values, we cherish QA, Governance and Eco Friendliness.

Substandard practitioners will go under as the industry matures, so it makes sense to work with than against other good companies across the kingdom.

Collaboration bears more fruit than competition.

Why should property buyers or renters seek us out?

We focus on our clients with quality and professionalism backed up with personal service because we want to find you more than just a house…

Why do we have a focus on colonial buildings?

Phnom Penh is a delightful city with a colonial past. Its wide tree lined avenues, pretty gardens and stately homes made it ‘the Pearl of Asia’ in the 1920’s. 

It is an attractive style making it different to other cities.

They are well built, respect the tropics and offer unique urban spaces and from a micro (building) level to macro (city) level, colonial buildings should be cherished.

When the old buildings have gone, Phnom Penh will be a glass and concrete jungle, just like other cities and we align ourselves with the preservation of beauty (historic and contemporary).


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