Beautiful rolling undeveloped 61 hectare land for sale | Kampot Province

M65V+V2 Krong Kampot, Cambodia


  • Development potential
  • hard title
  • Non-flooding
  • Road access
  • Tourism location


This 61 hectare hard title parcel of cleared and undeveloped land is now available for sale in Kampot Province, approximately 40km from the beautiful regional town of Kampot.

With good road water access, it will suit a farm, tourism resort or weekend getaway.

It is close enough to amenities with good road access and located in a quiet rural spot surrounded by hills.

At $6/sqm this is a great offer.

Additional nearby land can be sought if required.

Approximate distances to/from land:

  • 5km to Road 41
  • 13km to National Road 3
  • 40km to Kampot City
  • 100km to Phnom Penh City

According to Wikipedia, Kampot became a recognised province in 1923. Kampot Province is located in the southwest of Cambodia.

It borders Koh Kong, Kampong Speu, Takeo, Kep, Vietnam and Sihanoukville and has a coastline of around 45 km on the Gulf of Thailand.

It is a special part of Cambodia and always draws investor attention.

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About Kampot

Kampot City (150km SW of Phnom Penh) has grown and now has a range of restaurants, hotels and other services.

Its special vibe is its riverside and mountain setting and visitors spend their time enjoying nature.

Main industries are salt / pepper production, fishing, fruit (esp. Durian), light industry and tourism.

Kampot is hottest in April and coolest in December. Highest rainfall is in September and October and the driest time is Jan – March.

Peak season is Nov – April when businesses open up along the promenade near Old Market and in the old quarter.

The fully paved promenade runs from New Bridge, past the Governor’s Residence to the Aquatic Center.

The old bridge with various styles after numerous Khmer Rouge breaches is now open to motorbikes and provides a keen marker for lost travelers!

Drone footage of Kampot (Jeff Perigois)


Background information: Greater Mekong Tourism Growth Project


Good guide to investing in Cambodia

Here is a good guide to investing in Cambodia that should steer you away from total financial disaster.

The real estate market in Cambodia is extremely varied, more so than most countries, which can make investing either a smooth journey or a rocky one.

What separates a successful from unsuccessful investor is not pure luck, as many think, but the ability to recognise and avoid mistakes.

Investing in Cambodia is no different, so here are some things to consider before you part with your hard earned cash.



Post Covid, 2022 and a brave new normal

There is some doubt as to what a post Covid world will look like even though many say things will be back to a brave new ‘normal’ by the end of 2022.

It is widely known that the pandemic changed consumer behavior and spending habits enormously.

The suspension of regional and international travel, for instance, directly impacted retail, tourism and hospitality sectors across the globe.

This led to a rise in online shopping and entertainment platforms and is likely to create long-term effects on retail markets and eventually real estate.



Cambodia attractive for foreign investment

To know why Cambodia is attractive for foreign investment, one need look no further than the former Prime Minister:

“To ensure a sound macro economy and political and social stability, the government is open to all to do business and invest in the Kingdom.” (December 2019 PM Hun Sen).

Cambodia has about 100,000 expats enjoying low living costs, relaxed lifestyles and the Buddhist influence.

It lures many into business and investment and it’s easy to see why.



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