Kandal, once forgotten and outlying, is now expanding with good living and working alternatives close to the city centre. According to the World Bank, healthy economies are highly urban. Nations with similar GDP to Cambodia (e.g. Bangladesh) have a rate around 35%. Cambodia’s is just over 20% and expected to be 36% by 2050. Phnom Penh has seen massive growth recently. It now has 2 million+ residents, making it the largest and fastest growing city in the country. Better planning is now being employed to mitigate congestion and make the city a more apt gateway to the world. Areas ignored in the past are now attractive. PPSEZ is an example of phased land use to decentralise commerce and stimulus for the city to extend west. Other new growth in Kandal will stretch the city limits east, north and west. Phnom Penh’s projected growth and ongoing investment offer great opportunities. This is a good time to look before everyone else does!

About Takhmau

Ta Khmau (Takhmau) translated as ‘black grandpa’ is the capital and largest city of Kandal province in central Cambodia, about 11 km south of Phnom Penh. About 60% of its people travel to work in Phnom Penh.

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