Cambodia my 2nd home – CM2H – is an innovative program recently launched by KHCA (Khmer Home Charity Association) in association with the Ministry of Interior (MOI).

Its primary aim is to help foreign nationals enjoy a series of measures to facilitate living and business in Cambodia but also attract new overseas investment.

Benefits for participants in the program include – a 10-year unlimited entry/exit visa and, after 5 years, eligibility to apply for a Cambodian passport and enjoy the advantages of the ASEAN network.

CM2H requirements:

  1. Must be a citizen of a country or region recognized by the Cambodian government, regardless of race, religion, or gender;
  2. Applicants must obtain formal approval to apply from the Ministry of Interior (MOI);
  3. At the time of applying, all applicants must be at least 18 years old;
  4. All applicants must have investment capital of >USD$100,000 in Cambodia;
  5. Applicants must own at least one real estate project that has been formally approved by the government in Cambodia;
  6. Applicants must be eligible to apply for a personal bank account and / or a trust account; and
  7. Applicants for Cambodia my 2nd home (CM2H) program are not required to prove written or spoken Khmer language competency or academic qualifications.

The application process of Cambodia my 2nd home program:

One: Verification

  • Complete the registration and application forms (request by email
  • Submit a copy of identity & background proof such as
  • Academic certificates – including any relevant professional certificates
  • Origin country’s identity card, Drivers Licence, or equivalent
  • An original and current passport of the applicant’s origin country
  • 5 passport size photos
  • Submit the same information supplied above for all family members or spouse (if any)

Two: Application (certified) documentation

  • Certificates or licenses for all companies held by the applicant (if any)
  • A bank statement showing detailed transactions for 1 year
  • Proof of income – pay slips, tax returns, company financial records or equivalent
  • Assets titles or land certificates (if any)
  • Marriage certificate (if any)
  • Children’s birth certificates (if any)
  • Receipt for application fee (in USD)
  • Medical Check-up report from a reputable hospital in the applicant’s origin country

Three: Approval process (7 days)

  • Now you will have a week to relax by the pool or go and explore this amazing country and wait for the approval from authorities!

Four: Prepare to move!

  • Receipt for CM2H approval will be supplied within USD (7 days)
  • You will then obtain a KHCA and CM2H membership number (1 day after receiving payment proof)
  • You will then need to complete a survey for accommodation / business / education needs (1 day after receiving payment proof), following which you will receive accommodation advice (if needed)
  • Receive business registration advice (if needed) or education advice (if needed)
  • Next you will need to open local bank account in Cambodia & obtain documents (7 days after receiving payment proof)
  • Obtain Business Registration with patent in Cambodia (60 days after receiving payment proof)
  • Obtain a visa for staying in Cambodia (14 days after receiving payment proof)
  • Obtain the CM2H membership card (Immediate upon arrival)

Five: Move to Cambodia!

  • Accommodation arrangements may need to be made prior to or immediately on arrival
  • You will need to obtain a Cambodia Health Care Insurance Certificate (Immediate upon arrival)
  • You may need to establish a business in Cambodia (Immediate upon arrival)
  • Obtain a working permit in Cambodia (30 days upon arrival)
  • Obtain a student visa in Cambodia (30 days upon arrival)
  • Obtain SPA for GC Orussey Market (30 days upon arrival)

More info about Cambodia my 2nd home (CM2H) initiative here

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