Magnificent 5 floor mixed use commercial building for rent Bassac Lane | central Phnom Penh

HW3H+J96, Oknha Chrun You Hak St. (294), Phnom Penh, Cambodia


  • Air Conditioning
  • Balconies
  • City views
  • Close to Aeon 1
  • Close to embassies
  • EDC and Water State rates
  • Elevator
  • High ceilings
  • Hot water
  • Large open plan spaces
  • Natural light
  • Near Independence Monument
  • Near schools
  • New architecture
  • Roof terrace
  • Tourism location


Abode presents this designer mixed-use commercial building for rent near Bassac Lane, offering a perfect opportunity for a business-minded person with a vision of the future.

Designed and built by a French-Khmer Architect / Builder with an eye for detail and an intention to thrill.

It has been designed with three separate apartments, rooftop cafe / bar, gallery space, office space and a cafe on the ground floor.

Ease of maintenance has been carefully designed in without compromising security.


Bassac building features:

Ground floor – cafe / bar / parking

Modern, minimalist bespoke cafe / bar with separate kitchen and WC facilities.

Access to the upper floors via elevator from the ground floor with some space for parking.

1st floor – art gallery

A gently curved wall takes you into a fabulous, air-conditioned gallery space which could serve as a funky office.

2nd floor – 1 bedroom apartment or offices

This open plan living space would serve equally well as an office and apartment. Natural light makes this a healthy and productive urban pad.

3rd floor – self-contained studio apartment

Currently a self-contained apartment, it could easily be converted into an office space with its own elevator access.

Natural light makes this a great office / living space with great city views.

4th & 5th floors – roof bar / terrace

Last, not least, is the two-level roof terrace with a designer bar area for an amazing place to sit and enjoy the city. Surrounded by vegetation, it is a private Eden, true paradise in this concrete city.

All this for a great price and in a superb location.

Property ID: TLB.L4


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Tonle Bassac:

Tonle Bassac is located on the west side of the Tonle Bassac River. It covers around 3sqm defined by Sihanouk Blvd, Norodom Blvd and National Road 1.

The area is known for its many alleys branching off the larger streets full of bars and restaurants away from the busy city centre.

Reclaimed land known as Koh Pich has many condos, exhibition halls, hotels and other iconic buildings such as The Bridge and The Peak.

A number of embassies are also located nearby, such as – Thai, Australian, Japanese, Indonesian, Russian, Malaysian, South Korea and Philippines.

The area is also home to many government buildings and gated communities so you will notice an increased security presence (private, police and national security).


Bassac Lane:

Amid widespread devastation of the hospitality industry by COVID, one area in Phnom Penh seems to be defying the odds.

It includes bustling Bassac Lane, St 308 and St 21 where you will find cozy, high end bars and restaurants surrounded by new condos and other night venues.

The neighbourhood is made up of groovy little streets with cool bars and eateries almost hidden away. It is the fun area with a distinct western vibe with bars in a different theme or style to suit.

COVID-19 slowed business here but it bounced back and now the night air is filled with music as people return to their old habits.

Bassac Lane is now so full of bars and hole-in-the-wall venues, that new venues are spilling into Street 308 and Street 21.

Because land prices here are 10-20% less than BKK 1, prices are cheaper all round. Prices of food and beverages are comparatively cheap.

You can find a bar selling cocktails at $3, draught beer at $1 and meals from $5.

Amidst the general activity, there is a sense of optimism despite the tight border controls keeping tourist numbers down.

So instead of going to the usual haunts on Street 136 and Pub Street that have obviously been hard hit by the pandemic, check out Bassac Lane where the night lights are a little bit brighter.


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