Tuol Sangke

Tuol Sangke, Prek Pnov and Camko City Barely 10 years ago, Camko City was a lake region, almost tacked onto the top end of Tuol Kork in northern Phnom Penh. Since then, it has radically transformed and is now viewed as an important hub. The large lake (Prek Pnov) once separating Phnom Penh from Kandal Province, has now all but been filled in, allowing development to spill northwards. Developers, such as Camko City have pioneered the property market by introducing a high standard of residential, commercial, and business complexes in this region. Although the GFC and other external factors hindered progress, the project is now a desirable location, with many luxury options ready for occupancy and already adding value of the overall area. Camko and others directly contribute to the National Housing Policy by supplying affordable home options, such as mid-range apartments already built ready for occupancy. In addition, activity is growing increasingly lively as businesses appear to be prospering as the number of inhabitants and visitors increases. As the population grows, there is an increasing demand for large-scale commercial, business, and recreational facilities which Camko City (and similar projects) aims to achieve. Such projects offer a wide range of mixed activities including medical facilities, office spaces, serviced residences, and retail outlets. Notable projects in neighboring areas include AEON 2, MAKRO, Australian International School Phnom Penh (AISPP) and a number of high-profile residential developments. With these developments in the surrounding area, it is likely we will see ongoing maturity as the region develops into a world-class satellite urban centre.

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