Toul Kork / Tuol Kork (TK)

Toul Kork / Tuol Kork (or TK as it is locally known) lies in the north and northwest of Phnom Penh cut by Russian Boulevard from the CBD. Now its northern area is far more affluent houses similarly priced to those in town. Toul Kork or Tuol Kork (shortened to TK) literally means ‘ground hill’ in Khmer. It is located to the north of the city centre, including the areas around Boeung Kak Lake and the areas further to the west. Not being in the city, TK is good for people wanting a quiet life. It has a mix of properties on wide roads, giving it a spacious suburban feel. Now it has a more commercial feel, joining Tonle Bassac, Daun Penh and BKK. It now boasts an increased number of commercial activities and is a good housing option.

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