Kep City is a beach town with the status of a province, just a few kilometres from Vietnam that has struggled financially (due to the Khmer Rouge) until recently. A few remnants of its previous splendor can still be seen, despite the majority of the town’s primarily French homes being abandoned. Large sidewalks and a few imposing statues that look largely out of place line the sea. The king constructed a palace that has a view of the Gulf of Thailand, but it is currently vacant and was never decorated. The little town is connected to Kampot, 15km away, by a nice, paved road and Koh Thonsay (Rabbit Island) is only a half-hour boat trip away. Its slightly darker beaches than those seen in Sihanoukville are primarily dotted with mangroves and black pebbles. With a number of mid-range and upscale guesthouses and bungalows lately opening or still being built, Kep appears to be going through a revival. The seafood is affordable, plentiful, and delicious, especially the crabs, which are extremely well-known. A sizable national park encircling some mountains in lush vegetation is also located in Kep.

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