Chroy Changvar

Chroy Changvar : forgotten, outlying, expanding
Chroy Changvar Bridge reopened in 2019 following renovations. Crossing the Tonle Sap river, it connects with Daun Penh. 971m long and 13.8m wide, built in 1963 with a grant from Japan. Now Chroy Changvar is much closer to the city centre. According to the World Bank healthy economies are highly urban. Countries with similar GDP to Cambodia (e.g. Bangladesh) have rates at 35%. In Cambodia 21% are in urban areas, predicted to rise to 36% by 2050. Phnom Penh has 2 million+ people and the nation’s fastest growing city. Good planning is helping ease congestion and locations previously ignored are now getting more attention. Areas like Chroy Changvar offer good living environments near the city centre. Special Economic Zones show how phased land use helps the city extend. Development in Kandal Province, Chbar Ampov and Russey Keo are doing similar. Phnom Penh’s growth and continued investment offer good opportunities so now is a good time for you to look before everyone else does!
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