Boeung Keng Kang 3, or more commonly known as BKK 3 is becoming increasingly popular. It is located in Khan Chamkarmon, a rising star in the centre of Phnom Penh. It is one of the most sought after areas due to it being close to BKK 1, but without the price tag. Due to lower rent prices, many expats choose Boeung Keng Kang 3 or BKK 3. However, lower purchase prices are also attracting investors to purchase real estate here. BKK 3 has both modern and older, more traditional Khmer style properties. However, it is changing as more luxury residences and real estate projects spring up. Sometimes known as the ‘yolk district’, BKK 3 is close to a dozen embassies, many NGOS, schools, countless businesses and shops. It is considered desirable by wealthy Cambodians and expatriates alike. BKK 3 has the best of traditional Khmer and modern living, yet is a quiet city locale. BKK 3 is in close proximity to popular shopping areas, such as BKK 1 or TTP (Toul Tom Pong or Russian Market), Olympic Market, all of which have a wide selection of restaurants and cafes. There are many local stores in BKK 3 selling clothes, fashion accessories, household goods, shoes and more. With the number of educational facilities in the area, there are also many shops selling stationery, books, computers and so on.
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