Takeo Province

TakeoTakeo Province borders Kandal to the East, Kampot to the West, Vietnam to the South and Kampong Speu to the North. The province is subdivided into 9 Districts and 1 City, further subdivided into 97 Communes (Khum), 3 Sangkats and 1119 Villages (Phum). Takeo Province is an ancient Cambodian area that predates the Angkor era in Siem Reap Province. It is often recognized as “the cradle of Cambodian civilization,” as Takeo, being one of the ancient cities, features 34 temples and other natural tourism spots. The historical and cultural tourism sites include ancient temples such as the Phnom Da temple, the Chiso temple, the Ta Prohm temple, the Yeay Poeu temple, and the Thmor Dos temple, according to the book "Understand the Southern and the Seaside Region in Cambodia" by Sipar in the Khmer language. Furthermore, the Neang Khmau temple, with its two towers fashioned from bricks and limestones, is located within the Neang Khmau temple pagoda. The Bayong temple is also a historical site located atop the Bayong mountain. The Bati River natural tourist site is ideal for family vacations during the holidays, with its panorama of wooden cottages beside the natural body of water and rows of local grocery stores. The Phnom Tamao Zoological Park and Wildlife Rescue Center is made up of temples, woods, mountains, lakes, and the zoo, which opened in 1995. Every year, this location attracts a steady stream of domestic and foreign visitors. Aside from historical landmarks and natural attractions, Takeo is a region rich in handicraft and agriculture. Rice production and fishing remain robust. In the province, visitors may see farmers harvesting palm goods and raising ducks for eggs. Silk is notable for its excellence in the area in terms of workmanship. Its freshwater river lobsters are also an appealing alternative for people who appreciate dining. Small-scale silk manufacturing has grown significantly. Silk manufacture may be found in various locations, including Prei Kabas and Bati. Trapeng Krasang commune, Peaream commune, and Tnoat commune have the largest silk producing output in Bati district. When compared to the lobsters farmed in Prei Veng, Takeo's freshwater lobsters are not far behind in terms of flavor. However, due to increased demand, the lobster population in this region has decreased. Lakes with a high concentration of lobsters may be found in the districts of Angkor Borei, Borei Chulsa, and Koh Andet.

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