Ratanakiri, a province rich in natural beauty 635km northeast of Phnom Penh became a province in 1960 and its capital is Banlung in the highlands on Road 19 near the Vietnam and Laos borders. There are two rivers crossing the province (Srepok and Sesan). Around 70% of its population are tribal (non-Khmer) people and the main religions are Buddhism and Animism. It has good quality roads and an international airport will be constructed nearby. When complete, it will be 3 hours from Phnom Penh. Sparsely populated, the region surrounding Banlung has thick forested areas famous for natural resources and beauty. The province has an undulating landscape with a level plateau, wet lowlands, crater lakes, rivers and waterfalls. Forests cover much of the province, still rich in wildlife. The soil ranges from rich volcanic to sandy soil found near rivers. Ratanakiri offers good opportunities for eco tourism. Ratanakiri is under developed and it has a range of natural resources that can serve to develop the nation. Resources include gold, mine, gem stones, granite, onyx, fertile red soil, clean water, wildlife and wood. Above all it has beautiful weather with fresh and reliable rainfall. The region has 3 seasons – rainy (June – Oct), cool (Nov – Feb) and hot (Mar – May).

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